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What is songcatching / Who is a songcatcher?

       I believe there is a creative river that exists beyond what the eye can see where we all fish for our creative expressions from. These songs that move through me are something I have caught from that river. They do not belong TO ME, rather, they moved through me. I birthed them and once I sing them out, they take on a life form of their own. They may live long lives, centuries perhaps, or maybe only a few months. They may travel far and wide to all stretches and corners of the world, or maybe just to the trees beneath which I caught it in. ​

       Songcatching is rooted in the idea that creativity is flowing abundantly around us at all times and those who pay attention may catch a piece of inspiration. Like someone who drops a line and hook into the water to catch a fish, a songcatcher consciously opens themselves up to the flowing river of creativity to receive a song, to have a song “come through” them or to “catch” a song. This is not a special gift that some people have and some people do not. Anyone can drop their “line and hook” into the flowing river of creativity - and just as sometimes one catches a fish and sometimes one does not - so it is with songcatching.

       I also love collaborative song writing processes, I have worked with both students and adults in co-creating songs with intention and purpose as outlets for rage, shame, agony and other emotions along with ideas around social justice and how to create songs that express the groups visions while coming together with a common goal.