“The world had to be 'disenchanted' in order to be dominated,” 

-Silvia Federici (Caliban and The Witch) 

The root of the word enchanted comes from the Latin word encantare which means "to sing." Could it be that the world had to stop singing in order to be dominated? Is singing a revolutionary act? Is it no coincidence that some of us feel embarrassed or discomfort while singing? What powers do we cultivate through singing? 


One on One Voice Mentorship

I am here to support you in opening up to creative channels, to sing for the settling of your body’s nervous system and to make new discoveries with the power of your voice. 


I am especially excited to work with parents and caregivers in tandem with children. I have raised my daughter singing to her and with her and it has deeply bonded us. I feel nourished in supporting others in cultivating that connection. 

I also work with clients to support singing into being the medicine their spirits are calling in at this time. We create your own personal song, 4-8 lines, that can be easily memorized and sung over and over again. Additionally, the song can be scribed into an Incantation Bowl for your altar and ritual practice (also see WhaleWolf Ceramics).

$50 for a 50 minute session

All lessons are currently offered over Zoom

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No one is turned away for lack of funds, please let me know if this pricing is an obstacle for you.