The People's Echo

A lot of the support I receive from my Patreon campaign, enables me to facilitate a collaborative song circle for The People's Echo, a Seattle based collective of activists and singer-songwriters creating songs for the streets. We are a Seattle, Washington based collective of social justice/climate activists and singer-songwriters, created in the midst of a deep calling to fill our streets with music.

GOAL: To create songs that can be sung by all, in moments in which we wish had a song to sing.

Many of us are involved in campaigns, direct action, rallies, marches and so forth. We are creating songs for the land, for the animals, for when we are standing in front of a line of police, for when our siblings are being handcuffed, for our immigrant and refugee siblings, for a Seattle Green New Deal and on and on.

Check out the music that we upload as it arrives. These songs have no ownership and are meant to travel as far and wide as they themselves intend. Please know you have permission to use whatever is on the page, with honoring the importance of passing along the origins of its creation.

The idea is to create an online songbook made for the people, by the people.

Does your community have a song that ya’ll think we should add to the page? Are you in the local Seattle area and want to sing with us? 
Email us at