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The Sexual Revolution

Happy belated International Women’s Day!

Here locally, in Seattle, we did a Vigil and Night walk on March 8, 2017 for My-Linh Nguyen, a 45 year old Vietnamese mother and nail salon worker who was killed by an attacker, near her home on the Warsaw street December 15th 2016. The walk was a symbolic act to reclaim our streets, to confront violence against women, to remember women who have been killed or disappeared and to highlight women lifting up their communities.


Amongst the noise and chants of the march, I walked in silence with my burning candle. Every step forward was for a different woman. For my sisters in Mexico, for my sisters in resistance, for my indigenous sisters, for my sisters who walk the streets at night grasping their keys in precaution…

…for the underpaid factory working mothers, for the single mothers who work five jobs to support their children, for the women healing their breasts and ovaries, for the women who bleed and for the the women whose cells now hold the wisdom of the divine feminine and therefor her body no longer requires a monthly lesson. For the youth and children who have had their first sexual encounters by force or by older men. For my sisters who have been raped. For every single woman who has been silenced, objectified or reduced to a caretaker. I salute you. I raise you up in my heart. In the highest place one could hold another. You are me and I am you. My strength comes from your struggle. Everything in life is definitely relevant. Not one single experience has been in vain. I value you and your sacred body. You are the goddess, dignified and empowered. I see you in your totality.

(pause. reflective moment.)

In further advancements on the Holistic Investigation I would like to present a man that to me, is pure genius and a visionary. Through his work and in alignment with my own channeling and infinitely developing philosophies, with deepening clarity I would like to share that in my research on this topic, I am beginning to discover boundless complexities and layers to sexual violence and society in general. It is in this realization that sexual violence, along with social justice, next to climate justice, societies intricacies and how we treat the planet which we call home are all interconnected and not at ALL in any way separate.

Without further ado and with much honor, I present to you Wilhelm Reich:

In one of his books, THE SEXUAL REVOLUTION, Reich explains that sexual neuroses derive from the lack of gratification of natural sexuality. Natural sexuality is left unsatisfied and thereby creates neuroses due to suppression of this sexuality by the authoritarian state. For Reich, this state is characterized best by the capitalist state that is based on the unit of the patriarchal family, within which the father mirrors the state as the absolute authority.

According to Reich, the authoritarian state uses a variety of tools in order to suppress its citizens’ natural sexualities. These tools comprise Reich’s view of “conservative, sex-negative moralism” and include:

  1. the ideology of lifelong, monogamous marriage, which Reich calls “compulsive marriage”;

  2. the suppression of infantile sexuality, which Reich cites as the primary cause of unnatural sexual desires and perversions later in life;

  3. a lack of candid sexual education or sexual freedom for adolescents;

  4. the persecution of “abnormal” sexualities such as homosexuality;

  5. the illegality of abortion;

  6. marriage as a legalized institution, and the lack of an “incompatibility” reason for divorce.

These various means of suppression in turn cause the authoritarian state’s citizens to both repress their natural sexual desires and create new, neurotic, unhealthy sexual desires. Reich explains that this relationship between suppression/repression of natural sexuality and the creation or intensification of sexual neuroses is a cyclical relationship that constantly results in more power for the authoritarian state. The authoritarian state’s motive, whether it is conscious of it or not, is to preserve its economic structure through continuance of the patriarchal family as its primary social unit. The family, according to Reich, is essential to the economic structure of capitalism because it benefits the capitalist as well as preserves itself to the next generation. The capitalist benefits from the economic unit of the family because of the husband’s economic dominance of the wife, who is economically dependent on her husband and works for no wage in the house. This allows the employer of the husband to pay him a lesser wage because the employer need not take into account the cost that the husband would have to pay a housekeeper or childcare provider. This lack of extra wage for traditional female housework and child-rearing encourages the woman to stay home to be economical, as well as allows her husband’s employer to keep that extra surplus capital for himself. The husband also benefits because he is given power and authority in the home that he does not necessarily get in the workplace.

I will return to Reich in future blogs, but for now, allow me to share my perspective: Society had been dehumanized, desensitized and now more than ever we are distracted.


Hypothetically speaking, lets observe society, like the human body. Lets say that society has been diagnosed with cancer caused by the carcinogenic substance which is sexual violence. Allopathy would attempt to numb the bodies symptoms with pharmaceuticals and hell, technology ~

While a holistic treatment might even start by suggesting that sexual violence is not the root cause of the cancer, rather a physical manifestation or symptom itself. It would ask us to go beyond what the eye can see and quite possibly remedy something along these lines:

  1. Stop repressing sexual human nature and rather own it completely.

  2. Practice neuroplasticity through mindfulness, hypnotherapy and other methods.

  3. Confront inner demons, recognize inner archetypes and create safe spaces for emotional purging on a regular basis.

  4. Embody autonomy and personal responsibility, cultivating human empowerment and redirecting our current state of mind (i.e. dependence on outer sources to heal us or fix our inner or external dilemas) to an awareness of the power of the individual~including the endurance and strength that is amplified when joining forces with his or her community.

  5. Obtain first hand experiences supporting the relationship with earth and the interconnectedness that exists between the individual


The fact that we have become so good at pointing our fingers outwardly in blame instead of taking responsibility for our surroundings has become beyond detrimental to our growth as an evolving species.

Walking Martin Luther King Street we were accompanied by the memory of My-Linh, a woman many of us never knew personally, yet we all did, because she is each of us. I felt the wisps of cold, wet wind amalgamating with the warm tears joining at the corners of my eyes in this vow of silence, my candle still burning bright and fiercely, surrounded by brothers and sisters with hearts big enough to create vast rivers of love and I found myself pondering: When one knows in her heart of hearts that the actions she is taking are based in morality and justice, then nothing can waver her from otherwise standing firm in whatever way necessary to bring into the light what was intentioned to be kept in the darkness. 

It is in our hands to take back our streets, to reclaim our bodies as sacred and to empower ourselves…

The question is, are we willing to do the work?

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