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Rabbit Hole

I would like to start off by noting that as we know, men/boys experience sexual violence by other men and also by other women. The following research states data that mostly refers to women being victimized by men; however, I would like to make this very clear. THE POINT OF THIS HOLISTIC RESEARCH IS NOT BASED ON GENDER. It searches for the root cause of sexual acts that are either forced on a human being or presented at a very young age to a child by an adult. Please keep in mind, when reading “man” or “woman,” that in this specific case my intention is to stay focused on the subject itself and not turn this into another reason to argue. Suffering is not a competition. I have male friends who have been sexually abused and I have women friends who have been sexually abused. So let us be straightforward and now move along.

“Every pedophile was a child once. What happens along the way?” –Anonymous

“…Socialists, on the other hand, assure us that sexual problems will only be settled when the basic reorganization of the social and economic structure of society has been tackled.” – Alexandra Kollontai, a leader of the 1917 Russian Revolution

The “reasons,” which I have found so far for sexual violence are:

– Education


-Physiology and Neurophysiology

-Psychopathology and Personality Traits

-Attitudes and Gender Schemas

-Sex and Power Motives

-Social Learning

-Family, Schools, and Religion


-Cultural Mores

– Alcohol

– Drugs

– Women dressing provocatively

– Prostitution

– Strippers

I personally would like to further explore:

  1. Submissive mothers raising boys in a patriarchal culture

  2. The history of monogamy

  3. Child/adult sexual relationships in history/cultures

I would like to also explore SOLUTIONS:

–   Real sex education in schools – not the abstinence-only training so popular among politicians today – could provide the information that men and women need.

  1. Shifting the terms of the debate about sexism and women-blaming, and speaking out against rape and sexual assault – coming together to create an atmosphere where women are valued and violence isn’t tolerated.

  2. Foster solidarity, liberation and equality for all, including free and accessible health care, child care and birth control, and everything else we need to liberate women from the burdens of household labor and every other shackle that keeps them from being equal participants in society.

  3. Hypnotism and regressions.


The deeper and deeper I delve into this I find that what I am really getting down to is the mind. This is psychological. My step-father passed a polygraph when asked if he touched me or anything related to having a sexual relationship with me. The human mind is capable of blocking facts and memories out. In fact, the human mind is capable of things far beyond our imagination. In continuing this research, I find myself inward enough into the rabbit hole that I see nothing but complete black. There’s no turning back now. I came here to face my fears and giving up is no longer an option.

If you would like to add to these lists here, please comment below… or send me information of where I could go in deeper based on what you have read – all is welcome. Thank you for being a part of this movement.


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