In this time when we are actively looking to delight in the dismantling of systems of oppression, it is up to us to cultivate the practices we want steeped in our DNA and the DNA of our descendants.

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A community space where group singing is braided in with story and body movement.

MYCELIUM: the fungal (root) networks of mushrooms. And the largest terrestrial organism on the planet that connects entire forest floors together! Our voices together are stronger, our voices together are louder.  



Mycelial Singing is a community space (for children and also for big children, eh em, I mean adults) where group singing is braided in with story and body movement. All voices are welcome, this is NOT a choir. Singing together is a human birthright that has less to do with “sounding good” and more to do with settling into our bodies, calming our nervous systems and being together in community. There are no “good” or “bad” singers in this space. 


We will meet for Spring quarter 2021, the months of March-May for an hour a week (see dates below). Each meet will be filled with songs for the times we are living in, stories to help us cope with collapse & reimagine our futures and body movement to remember the innate knowings within our cells.  



  • Regulates the nervous system, positively impacting breathing, digestion and heart rate among other things

  • Lowers cortisol and relieves stress and tension

  • Invokes presence and mindfulness

  • Strengthens relational bonds with those with whom you are singing 

  • Creates a sense of belonging and community 

  • Strengthens the immune system

  • Read more about the benefits of group singing here


These are questions that will guide us each week towards the songs we sing together and the stories we tell. 


Week 1 

How are we interconnected and cultivating community?

Week 2 

What were we meant to forget and what are we remembering?


Week 3  

What does “holistic” mean and why is it important?


Week 4  

What does it mean to be perfectly imperfect? 


Week 5  

What are power-with collaborations? 


Week 6  

What is at the root of my defensiveness? 


Week 7 How do I feel in my body when I am being rushed?


Week 8 

How does my worldview affect the way I understand things? 


Week 9 

How can moving through conflict strengthen my relationships? 


Week 10 

Whose (his)story is this anyway? 


Week 11 

Do I dare dream my dream(s)?


Week 12 

Where do I find Magic?


Please register for a free, one hour, introductory class on February 16, 2021 or March 1, 2021 from 4:29-6pm PST where you can get a little taste of what the classes will be like and to finish up with a Q&A. 


Classes are all ages and ONLINE. 

Classes are from 4-5pm PST on the following Mondays: 

March 8, 15, 22, 29   |   April 5, 12, 19, 26   |   May 3, 10, 17, 24


My name is Ahlay Blakely (she/they). I am a mother to a twelve year wise one. I benefit from white skinned privilege and am an Ashkenazi/Scandinavian singer-songwriter. Most recently I have worked with music as a tool for social change in community and on the streets. I have discovered group singing to be one of the most medicinal experiences of my life and have heeded to the magnetic pull of singing in power-with collaborations and animist relations. 


My goal is to be an instrument for you in cultivating a healthy relationship to your own voice, to witness you tapping into your innate creativity, to support your deepening sense of interconnectedness and to provide you with resilient song tools for your life-box as you unearth the benefits of group singing. Read more about my why, here. 


Since the pandemic many of us have found creative ways to sing together online. For those of us who feel okay about wearing headphones for an hour, we find that this offers the richest audio experience. 


Spring classes are once a week, 4 per month, one hour each for 3 months total. 

Cost is $300 for the quarter March-May ($100 a month). No one is turned away for lack of funds, please let me know if this pricing is an obstacle for you. (also see discounts and sliding scale below) 

Please fill out this REGISTRATION form. I accept venmo or paypal or check. You will receive payment information in a confirmation email once you have registered. 


SLIDING SCALE & payment plans are available for folks experiencing low-income or other barriers to access. No one is turned away for lack of funds. Please contact me. 



Ten percent of earnings from Mycelial Singing will be donated to Holistic Resistance.