It is important for me to honor those in my life who have somehow modeled for me the knowing which my vessel carries and I would like to pay tribute to them here. I also want to name that my path does not strive for perfection or purity. And that I have heard many different perspectives from many different people on some of those from which I have learned. I ask that we hold each other in our wholeness. 


First and foremost I thank my Ancestors for guiding me, for speaking to me softly, for letting me know I am never alone. Thank you Ancestor Whale and 429 for being my breadcrumbs. Thank you Clay for teaching me to lean into center, that mistakes can be glorious discoveries and to just slow. it. down. 


Thank you to Femi Magical R.B. for humbling my ageism, you are the wisest person I know and I am in utter gratitude you chose me to walk this journey on earth together. WOW.


Thank you to my partner Alec for always inviting a better version of myself to show up. 


To my mentors: BJ Star, Paul Chiyokten Wagner, Aaron Johnson and Nala Walla - thank you for speaking your truths to me especially when you risk me not wanting to hear it. 


To my teachers: Resmaa Menakem, Rain Crowe and the Village Mystery School, Joanna Macy, Laurence Cole, the Ritual As Justice School, Rebekah Erev and Kohenet, Stephen Jenkinson & Charles Eisenstein - thank you for your blessings of hope in a time of collapse. 


To my friends and community, thank you for holding me in my wholeness with all my shadows, brilliant shiny parts and all the in betweens and withouts. 


And to the lands upon which I walk and have walked, to the stewards of these lands and to Gaia herself - thank you for holding me upwards, while rooting downwards and into my center. 


whale photographs by: Jem Cresswell