During her travels through Indigenous land around Aztec and Mayan territories, Alexandra (Ahlay) Blakely discovered there were songs living within her waiting to be sung. It was then that she began to explore the amalgamation of melodies and lyrics weaved together that create paths of healing for her soul and ancestral lineage. She unearths the power in song, that similar to prayer, can propel the solidification of realities. Ahlay writes to the composted, the midwifing of cycles into death, rebirth into awareness and empowerment, ecological justice and spiritual inquiry.


While traveling she collaborated with artists such as Latin America’s Tiano Bless, Paz Quintana, Lengualerta, GranOm, Quilomboarte and Los Sonex. She traveled for two years as a back up singer for Mexico’s Pop star Kalimba. And with her own musical endeavors (Solburst and Blakely and the Soul Mates) she played at festivals such as Vive Latino, Guacamaya Fest, Consejo De Visiones and many more all throughout the entire country.  


She is currently a settler on Duwamish and Coast Salish land (AKA Seattle) sharing her internal explorations, cultivating community, intersecting circles and participating in the regeneration of life. She is prepping releasing three albums in 2021: A Cappella, acoustic and electronic.


Most recently, she has performed as a singer-songwriter at Northwest Folklife 2019, Sunset Tavern, Stoneway Cafe, Doe Bay (Orcas), Revival Fest, Snapdragon (Vashon) and several other small festivals and house shows. 

“Music is Medicine, Medicine is Music.”

–Alexandra Blakely


To hear her latest music,

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