ceremonial planning


Photos by: nacawe.lovehealing (instagram)

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Want to plan a 'rite of passage' for yourself or a loved one?

I love creating sacred ceremonies for birthdays, menstruation, puberty, pregnancy, birth, death, marriage, union, communion, celebration or whatever you decide to honor. 

I plan events for up to 30 people based on your culture's practices/ancestral practices and earth-based rituals. (Don't know your ancestral practices? Let's find out!)

Prices start at $1,000.

Want to kickstart a women's circle?

My sistars and I started our circles back in 2013 and it has been one of the most elemental things in my personal growth and empowerment ever since. I am more than happy to support you in building a curriculum and coaching you through the process for you and your community based on your needs. 

Coaching via Skype: $50/hour