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Alexandra Blakely

Mother. Music. Magic. Mystic. Medicine. Matriz. Moon.

Blakely lives between Duwamish Territory (Seattle, WA) and Tenochtitlán (Mexico City). She dedicates her life in service to healing. It is through her own adversities that she explores vulnerability and accesses the interconnectedness of all life. She is fascinated by the spiritual starvation she has encountered in the adoption of "whiteness" by European settlers. Through this, what was lost was their own connection to ancestors and ancestral lands. Blakely searches to fill these intergenerational holes with rooting. Her music, filmmaking, storytelling and beyond focuses on moving through stagnant manifestations, whether they be on individual or societal levels, by going into the darkness and building fires. 

"The maximal of our ecstasy soars - as deep as we allow ourselves to walk through our own darkness, just as tree branches will only extend as much as their roots ground within."   -Alexandra Blakely

Sacbe, Quintana Roo

I am connected to everything